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Are you feeling uncomfortable sleeping in the car while on a long trip? That is because the seat of the car is not designed to support your shoulders, neck, and head. When you sleep, your head keeps falling from side to side or down, and you wake up with a terrible neck pain. You might not be able to move your neck, and the pain can spread to your arms, shoulders, upper back and head, which can cause an awful headache. Travel Vehicle Pillow is designed to support your shoulders, neck, and head which helps you sleep better and faster.

Also, Travel Vehicle Pillow can help you maintain a good posture, stabilize your head, one size fit all, and can fit any car seat that has an adjustable headrest. Travel Vehicle Pillow will bring you the comfort of traveling on the road and on the go.

The Travel Vehicle Pillow is made in the USA.

How did I come up the idea of Travel Vehicle Pillow?
I came up with the Travel Vehicle Pillow because my wife falls asleep almost every time we go on a long trip. Every time she sleeps, her head fall on the side of the seat which makes her look hilarious and terrible. At the end of the trip, she always complained of upper body aches and pain. Therefore, I believe many people may have experienced similar results as my wife. That is the reason why I came up with the Travel Vehicle Pillow.

Purchase a Travel Vehicle Pillow today to help eliminate shoulders, neck, and head pain.

Pillow Foam
The pillow is made up of urethane foam. The texture of the foam is soft with a normal pressure that you can sleep comfortably and enough side cushions to prevent your head from moving out of place. The pillow foam is one size fit all, and designed to fit most of the car seat that has an adjustable headrest. The pillow foam cannot be used without a case.
Pillow Case
The pillow case is custom made for the Travel Vehicle Pillow foam. The fabric is anti-pill fleece fabric and is 100% Polyester. It is washable and easy to remove from the pillow foam at any time. You can take the case off the foam when the case gets dirty and wash or replace with another pillow case. It is currently available in two colors, white and pink.
Travel Vehicle Pillow
Travel Vehicle Pillow comes with a foam and a specifically custom made case. It is best suggested all first-time buyers to purchase this complete set for more comfort as it may be hard to find a customized pillow case.
How to use
Ensure that the Travel Vehicle Pillow is in a case. Align the Travel Vehicle Pillow with the top of the car seat. Use elastic from the back of pillow case to hang the pillow over the adjustable headrest. Recline the seat back for comfort. The Travel Vehicle Pillow is designed for passenger to use only. When using the Travel Vehicle Pillow while the car is moving, passenger(s) must wear a safety belt at all times by law. Driver can use only when the car is parked.
When not in use
After you are done using Travel Vehicle Pillow, just slide the pillow around to the back of your seat like the sample show in this picture. When you want to use the pillow again, just slide the pillow back and adjust your seat for comfort and sleep.